Next, Speed Limits

So I’m not going to name the major grocery store, but first, like all the others, they installed plexiglass for the checkout counters, 6ft social distancing stickers on the floor and played social distancing reminders over the PA. Next they started putting one-way stickers on the aisle floors. Today I go to this same store and they have crossing guards who are correcting people who start to go the wrong way down an aisle. Three guards in uniform who are walking around to control the flow of shoppers. I didn’t see anyone get a citation or anything like that, but all I have say about this is…I had you there for moment, didn’t I?


Right now the Keto diet is a big craze, but new studies have shown that people who stay on this diet too long will have an increased risk of having diabetes when they do go back to eating carbs. Ok, so maybe I just made that up, but it could be true and can we ever have enough stuff to worry about? I think not.  Head20

It’s Just A Piece of Paper

head4I just read where the divorce rate has been decreasing. This isn’t necessarily because more people are staying married. it’s because a lot of millennials are cohabitating instead of tying the knot, and who can blame them, just look at the standard wedding vows “I promise to love, cherish… through sickness, blah, blah, blah… Come on, who’s going to fall for that? I learned a long time ago that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.